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Why talking to the end consumer 👯‍♂️ is the most humbling experience?

During the process of market research to find product gaps, strategise content & effective distribution, we rely on a diverse set of data sources such as influencers, publications, aspirational & incumbent brands, reviews etc. Moreover, we examine precursory studies done by businesses, journalists, and research firms. Conducting surveys among the TG is a crucial part.

However simply talking with the end consumer stands out as the most thrilling aspect. These interactions shatter previous hypotheses and conventional beliefs, complete the feedback cycle & address the 'why,'

During our recent interviews with Gen Z & late millennial women about their skincare, we unrevealed some of the amazing learnings.

1) Korean skincare is trendy, but French skincare is going nowhere

Despite the popularity & saturation of K-beauty, consumers seem to have strong preference for French skincare. French skincare holds a central position with evidence supporting its effectiveness, making it a timeless choice for many. 

2) Efficacy based skincare is trustworthy

Skincare that's supported by science a isn't just adored for its impact; it also assists customers in raising awareness. Brands such as The Ordinary & Minimalist garner great appreciation. Meanwhile, brands like Cetaphil and CeraVe have a remarkably high penetration rate. 

3) Influencers are not that influential

Influencers play a significant role in top-of-the-funnel marketing, but young women harbor trust concerns about them being perceived as mere spokespersons for brand agendas. Consequently, this demographic is delving deeper into understanding products, engaging with research papers, seeking advice from professionals and dermatologists to comprehend compositions and effectiveness. It's intriguing to note that rather than relying solely on visually appealing vertical beauty influencers, young women are turning to creators like Ali Abdaal for skincare insights, because influencers like him create content around skincare backed with real substance.

4) The texture of sunscreens needs to be fixed

Sunscreen products have made a significant impact, but there's room for improvement in their textures. Established brands known for sunscreen, are still catching up in terms of texture quality and addressing certain side effects (e.g white heads). However, modern brands such as Dot & Key Skincare & Aqualogica™ receive acclaim for their exceptional textures.

5) Hard to manipulate aware customers

The younger consumers are impressively well-informed. They understand that when dealing with hair fall, opting for a blood test is often more effective than switching to an anti-hairfall shampoo. This is because the root cause often stems from vitamin deficiencies or hormonal imbalances. Likewise, they prioritize balanced diets and overall hygiene over investing in costly products.

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