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The DMart - Avenue Supermarts Ltd owner's acquisition of Health & Glow: Enhancing Beauty Shopping Experience 💄

When stepping into Sephora, price-sensitive Indians often experience a sense of unease. The prices are high, and the environment feels unfamiliar.

In contrast, Health & Glow has successfully democratised offline beauty shopping by offering a range of products from both Indian and global brands, catering to various price points from affordable to premium.

To connect with the younger consumer demographic, Health & Glow has taken strategic steps, including the introduction of their own private label and the addition of external brands like Paradyes to their offerings.

With DMart owner's acquisition of Health & Glow, there's a significant potential for expansion. This move is poised to amplify Health & Glow's presence across India, both physically and online, thanks to DMart owner's established network.

An interesting aspect to watch will be whether Health & Glow leverages DMart's cluster expansion model and existing distribution centers to bolster its offline footprint. This synergy between the two entities could mark an exciting phase for the brand's growth and evolution

Other pros of this partnership are- Avenue Supermarts entry into mall (exposure to a different TG), head on competition with Nykaa and Reliance Retail owned Tira and most importantly exposure to a premium and high margin product assortment. 

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